Based on the available manpower, expertise and experiences acquired over the years,we are mainly focus on the following areas;

Consultation and System Integration

We study, understand and evaluate customer's operation requirements, to recommend, custom, and design, manage, install and implement system for the customer.

Serve with Customer Centric Approach.

We want to give our customer a peace of mind in IT by providing end-to-end solutions. So, they will be able to have more focus on their core business functions. Our philosophy understands our custimer's needs and searching the right solutions to solve their challenges. We maintain continuos communication with our customer to understand their unique set of business and IT requirements before we design, plan, build and maintain their systems. Constanlty learning to business change and technology innovation, we collaborate with your to define business architectures and processes, implement the systems and applications that deliver added value to your business.

Supplies Computer Software & Hardware

We recommendand supplies right sizing of computer hardware and software package to customers based on their requirements and budget to maximize the benefits.

Software Development

We custom analyzesanddesign software for specific purposes and business requirements. We also develop interface software to work in conjunction with off the shelf package to maximize customer's productivity.

Provide Cost Effective Solution

We always believe in keeping the IT systems as simple as possible, while not compromising performance and functionality. A simple architecture and design will lead to relatively lower initial investment and also lower maintenance cost in long run. Ultimately customer will archieve a shorten ROI cycle.

Embrace Green Computing

Green computing of green IT refers to environmentally sustainable computing or IT. It is the study and practice of designing, manufacturing, using, and disposingof computers, servers, and associated subsystems efficiently and effectively with minimal or no impact on the environment. We strongly believe in greening our IT products, applications, services, and practices is both an economic and an environmental imperative, as well as our social responsibility.

Maintenance and Service

We maintain and service customer's computer system (Stand-alone or server), support and maintain software package.