Business Solutions

Business Startup / Office Setup Solutions

Most start-up company only has a limited budget to allocate to IT spending. In most cases, the owner, who often serves as the IT manager as well, makes an uninformed technology choice. Don't let this happen to you, OneZone helps to make the everyday operations easier and more efficient by automating and simplifying core tasks and process.

Branch Offices or Regional Office Solutions

Most branch office has legacy infrastructures with slow, unreliable access to information and applications. Poor WAN performance can prompt employees to store data locally, preventing it from being backed up and putting the business and regulatory compliance at risk if a local device fails.

The high cost of running a branch office also prevents most organizations from maintaining a local IT staff; so branch office employees must manage and troubleshoot systems, decreasing productivity, and taking the focus off the customer. OneZone helps to improve these operations and reduce I.T support cost.

Office Relocation Solutions

To manage the relocation of IT equipment and the infrastructure is a huge undertaking. In recent years, IT relocation has become integral to any office move and failed office relocation projects have become one of the most common causes of disaster recovery events.

OneZone helps to ensure that your business is operational on the first day in its new premises.

Remote Access or Remote Working Solutions

The growth of wireless networking, mobile telephony and broadband Internet access make working from anywhere a reality.

OneZone offers integrated centralized administration solutions that utilize Microsoft remote desktop services and Window server to facilitate and maintain optimum remote connectivity thus allowing an office network to increase individual productivity and overall effectiveness. You are not able to instant access remote /HQ office for all applications, files and resources